FS (UK/EU) Ventris Dual Reverb, £300 [ resolved/refunded ]


Moderator Edit :

Contact has now been made between seller/buyer - so the previous info directed to the seller has been withdrawn


//// Original Listing ////

2 months old, boxed, mint - great pedal but I’ve replaced it with an H9 Max and I can’t justify both.

It’s been kept well-protected in a flightcase and has had very light use. Used with synths only, so it’s never been stomped on!

Payment via PayPal please, shipping free in UK or £15 within EU.

Some words of warning when buying . .

This is a bargain i reckon, but if you disagree feel free to make offers…


just curious: how do you compare the H9Max to the Ventris? Great deal btw!


Hasn’t arrived yet but i had a Space for a while so my hopes are high…


I’m looking into reverbs at the moment and was considering the Ventris? Can I ask why you changed your mind?
I appreciate your feedback,






Can you update us on this sale


Hey Jon.
Any chance of an update please?
Really need some contact so I know what steps to take next.


Hey Jon.
It’s been 2 weeks since payment and no reply and no item.
Please get back to me and let me know what’s going on. I’m a firm believer that this community is a positive and honest one; please don’t cause me to doubt that.


I think your getting mixed up.that is my account and nothing to do with this sale


yeah sorry. I’ll delete. thought it was same seller. Went down avenue of links to places and got wires crossed.

Edit: for clarity , I wasn’t accusing Stumm42. I found an active ebay link on a thread and mistakenly thought it belonged to Swanage_fan, hence the confusion.


No. I’m to honest and been a member of this forum for to many years :grinning:


Yeah, I can confirm my issues are not with Stumm42


I can confirm Stumm42 is a good’un, dealt with in the past and as all went swimmingly :slight_smile:


Thank you👍


Thank you👍hope it gets sorted for you


I thought I would link here to my post regarding my recent experience of being scammed by a user here on the Elektronauts website:



Also amended the opening post for you too and to make it clear the item is paid for but unsent.

We have seen confirmation of receipt of payment and the pledge to then send the item and also that the seller has been back and read the subsequent communications when the unit failed to arrive.


thanks for the info !!!