FS: (UK) Digitakt, Cover & Battery! Faderfox PC12, Basslet Wearable Subwoofer

Having a large clearout of gear. At the moment between, work, kids and refurbishing a house I’m being left no time for using all my equipment so planning on thinning down on what I have.
VERY sad to see these things go as I love each one but the money is better in the family pocket at the moment.

Have put all these up on eBay as they were offering a £1 listing weekend - that’s the only time I sell on eBay :wink: Open to sensible offers on everything btw.

Elektron Digitakt with Elektron Cover & Power Pack for outdoor jams! :wink:

Faderfox PC12 Midi Controller

Keith McMillen QuNexus

MixFader - Bluetooth Crossfader (literally used once!)

Novation Dicer

Basslet by Lofelt - Wearable Subwoofer
Great for when producing on headphones to get a ‘feel’ for your bass. It’s also a great “check this…” piece of tech. Everyone you let use it is like “woah!” lol.

Just giving this a bump as some things are nearing end of auction.

BTW, the technology in the Basslet is the same that’s in the Rumble Pack that Teenage Engineering have just announced. It’s by the same company Lofelt.