[FS][UK] Digitakt £470 ono


Making more drone and ambient nowadays so would like to sell my Digitakt so I can just get more pedals.

  • Bought in October for £600.
  • Unregistered as I’ve just been using it as a standalone sequencer.
  • Still with protective screen on the LCD
  • All boxes/manuals included.
  • Comes with receipts/warranty etc.

Can provide additional pictures.

Pickup preferred (Bristol UK) but not too fussy about posting at all.

Not sure on how much it is to ship to Europe but I am sure it wouldn’t be too costly.

Feel free to reply on here, message me or email me at jeremy@jeremy.cx if you are interested.


As ever for all new-member first time posters in the sales category - it’s beneficial (for seller/buyer) if you can provide any links to selling feedback (if available) on other sites/platforms as you’ll obviously not be mentioned on this thread - there should be info for buyers too that you can in turn reference
fwiw. Pics/info/location all good otherwise. Cheers & welcome

Seller feedback


I don’t really see how that helps anybody. You can post links to any random eBay account and say its yours.


He means more specific, a lot of people flipping gear here have sold elsewhere and might have other people that can vouch they’ve bought from you. Other forums etc. You’ll probably be able to sell anyway but it’s always easier online when people have slight reassurance they can trust you. I’m not doubting you at all but I’ve seen scams on here and elsewhere, it’s not unheard of


Np, i understand.

This was done in messages already :slight_smile:

This can be closed and marked as sold.



Well, as the image was actually sourced from an old eBay ad it may have been useful for the seller to link to their eBay profile!

Perhaps they could do that next time if there’s no feedback in the thread linked above and let potential buyers do their own due diligence with a bit more to work with