Fs(uk)analog 4 mk2 excellent condition £755 BARGAIN


Analog 4 mk2. Excellent condition.comes with all bits.power lead.usb lead and box. Only selling as brought a access virus ti2 and keeping a small setup plus wife ain’t happy I keep spending😁£755 PayPal friends and family or collection. Postage is £15. Thanks0e6564aa2fdbf51741a3098e1fceccf49985daa6_1_374x500 60119bccb3a7a54359e157f57dcc281d006b3f87_1_666x500 162016edc9d09643918a14e93bcc2f95e56d341a_1_666x500 8a1fb5d70824b7a5b19f49d2601c52e1ea63c473_1_374x500

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Well that is really a nice offer…free bumpin from me.


Admin. Sold