Fs uk : All Sold - Please close


£20 off the RYTM bump




Midisport has sold


Buy my things :slight_smile:


Hi mate,

Very interested in the Rythm.

Would you be interested in a trade for an Analog 4 in as new condition with wooden sides?



Thanks for the offer but I’m not doing trades


free bump :slight_smile:




Buy Me




Price drop bump, Can’t really go much lower than this.


Is Rytm still for sale?


Yes it is, Please message me if you want to discuss details.


Thanks for getting back to me. It looks like I’ve got another one now though.



Still available


Rytm and End cheeks sale is on hold for a few weeks, dropped the price on the Behringer mixer because it appears Behringer have slashed the RRP of this quite considerably :frowning:


Hi there. Where did you get those RYTM side panels at?
I like those because they do not have vent cut outs and it’s a walnut color.
All the ones I come across have these awkward looking vent cut outs. I prefer the basic minimal clean look.


I got them from someone based in UK who made and sold them on eBay.


I’m interest in the RYTM should you decide to sell it sooner… thanks.


Bump - Post updated