Fs uk : All Sold - Please close


2 items for sale. I’m open to trades so PM me

Analog RYTM Mk1 Boxed in Excellent Condition
£650 + Postage (SOLD)

Solid oak end cheeks to fit MK1 Elektron Devices
£12 + Postage (SOLD)

KMI 12 Step Foot Controller Boxed in Mint condition
£110 + Postage

I got this for a project 2 years ago, It was used probably twice then put back in the box
until a couple of days ago, so it is in mint condition.

MidiSport 4x4 Boxed in excellent condition SOLD
£15 + postage

1 x Behringer Xenyx UFX1604 Analog Mixer, Boxed.
Would prefer local pickup (Manchester) but postage will be roughly £15 in the UK.
£150 plus P+P

This is also in fantastic condition and from a smoke free environment.


I have had this since March 2017, I initially purchased it because
I could not get my RYTM to sync via Overbridge, so I synced with midi
and routed the RYTM to 8 of the channels on this mixer. It has a fantastic
USB record feature that records all 16 channels to a USB stick or Hard drive
as WAV files that i used with great success.
It also has FireWire so you can use it as a Audio Interface with the DAW of your choice.

I advise you to check out the other specs for this mixer as its fantastic value for money
considering the functions it includes.
I can also throw 4 x 6.35mm Stereo Jack Plug to Twin Mono 6.35mm Jacks
in with this mixer if you buy it for a similar set up

Please PM me if you are interested
All items can also be collected in person from Manchester UK


How to connect everything? (Confused between mixers and audio interfaces)
External Recording Devices with Mutitrack Export

I forgot to mention that i have bought and sold on these forums before with no issues.


Hey, where are you located?


Stretford, just outside Manchester city centre.


Bump. I have had a quick look on a few sites and postage for the mixer can be done for about £15 in the UK




The Volca FM is Sold


Hey, interested in the Xenyx as I’m sending my Soundcraft MTK in for repairs and this seems quite similar!

Can’t find a manual for it online… do you know if it’s possible to record the aux returns through USB? Otherwise is there a way to route the returns to the 4 stereo channels for recording? I would have external fx on all 4 returns, but can’t see a way to record them!

Finally, the perfect mixer? [Allen & Heath QuPac]

Hello, sorry for the late reply. I have only just seen your message because my notification emails have started going into my spam folder for some reason. I can’t confirm right now but I’m fairly certain when I used the usb recording with a delay and reverb on the aux sends it did record them. I will check the manual tomorrow and let you know for sure. I don’t have the mixer set up but I could test it over the weekend if you want.

I will have to apologise for not checking this straight away, I have to be up at 4.30 so I’m off to bed now.


No worries mate! If you could check the manual when you have time, that would be great as I can only find a quickstart guide on the website that doesn’t mention it.

From the front panel looks like you can only send 1 of the auxes to ALT 3-4 to record, and external fx would need to be patched into stereo channels.



Taken £20 off the price of the mixer and added a MidiSport 4x4


Price drop bumps




Price drop bump


New items added!!!




Saturday night drunken purchase bump


where did you get those side panels from? if you don’t mind sharing, thanks.


I got them from eBay, a guy based in the UK.


interested in midisport - send pm