FS : UK - Aira Eurorack - Scooper , Torcido


barely used aira eurorack / desktop configurable fx units.
I’ll post some images in the morning.

each one as new condition , I basically used em for an hour or two each , I think I’ve used the editor on them to tweak the default patch … but havent used them for about 6 months. they were just used as desktop units (never put into any rack).
Boxed , includes leaflets , eurorack lead , mounting screws , Psu

Scooper - make glitchy things - £200 +p/p , ono
sold Demora - delay things - £175 +p/p , ono
Torcido - distortion things. - £175 +p/p , ono

amongst the 3 of them , 2 are uk power supplies , one is EU (uses a simple plug adapter).
i bought all from new.

each can be configured via pc/mac/ios app , including filters , envelope , lfo , clock input , cv to midi and more modules (15 or so i think). they can work via usb clock i think, and be used as soundcards into pc/mac via usb ( i think , its been a while since i looked into the finer details).

shipping about £10 each in the uk.
paypal friends and family preferred , collection from watford (near london).
reasonable offers considered , especially if you can come and get them.


decent prices.
You know you’ll get at least £250 on eBay for the Scooper. Just wait for a £1 listing weekend.


PMd re: the Demora.


1 quid listing weekend just started.


i may have to try , but final listing fees , paypal fees , fees on fees on fees …


Going OT. It’s 1 quid for the final value fee, that’s it. The only other thing to pay is the paypal fee. I usually wait for the 1 quid offer before I list.

Saves a good chunk of money, if you were selling something for 200 that would usually be a final value fee of 20 quid at 10%.

I have the Aira units myself, they come in useful as dc coupled audio interfaces (8 in, 2 out) if you want to send and receive control voltages to your DAW, which is one of the reasons I have kept mine.


i think i’m not elligable for some reason , it thinks i’m a business (i’m not , i tried setting up a store at some point which changed my paypal account… i’ll sort it one day).

i did look , some had sold for more , but if it goes quickly on here I’m fine with that.

if people are keen I’ll up the price of the Scooper to £225 + P/p :grinning: