FS:UK - Access Virus TI2 keyboard


I am again looking to sell my 61 key Virus TI2 in order to purchase the desktop version. It is in great condition and comes boxed with all accessories.

I am limited for space in my little studio so selling off some gear. My plan is to keep just my Elektron boxes, the Virus desktop and a mixer. I’ll be posting up the other gear soon.

Not looking for any trades this time as I have bills that need paying so now seems like a good time to reduce my gear. I am hoping this will also help me concentrate on the gear left and learn it better.

Looking for £1200.

Any questions or offers please pm me.



Great price ! I have one, plugged it in OT, when i woke up, i was near by planet Jupiter.


I sold my Octatrack mk2 recently, it was the perfect partner for the Virus but I have to downsize my gear so bought a Digitakt to keep me going. :grinning: