FS/T(US): Addac206, Model:Samples

Switching up a few things…
Prices include shipping in US.
Everything is in excellent condition unless noted. (See pics.)

Addac206 Switching Sequencer - $220. Black version. Has special faceplate and custom mode to allow for alternate clock divisions. The clock division knob goes /1, /2, /3… /8 instead of the default /1, /2, /4… /128. You can change which set of divisions it uses. Pressing the reset and skip buttons on power-up switches between the modes, and it saves the setting on power-down.

Elektron Model:Samples - $300. Mint. Comes with everything including unused sticker sheet, USB cable, power adapter + original box.

PP fams or add fees, please.
Plenty of references in the good trader section.
Feel free to PM with questions or for more pics, but no lowball offers please.

Possible Trades:
2HP - VCA, Verb
Antumbra - Smog
MakeNoise - Mimeophon
Michigan Synth Works - uBurst
Mutable Instruments - Ears, uClouds

Still available. :smiley:

Can vouch for the seller. Bought an Octatrack from him and it was a great transaction. :+1:t4: don’t tempt me with that model samples!!

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