FS: [Sold]


Digitakt has been lovingly cared for and is still in mint condition. Comes in original box including all cables

Asking €500 including shipping from Amsterdam to any country in the EU. Shipping to other countries upon request. IBAN preferred, PayPal acceptable. DM me for details or ask a question below.

Protective lid PL-2s shown in last photo available separately.


That is very minty indeed!


Is this still available? still under warranty?


Yes. Yes, pretty sure it is.


Bump Still available, please note that the PL-2 is in fact included!


Another bump The price isn’t too high, isn’t it? Should I unbundle the lid?


From what I’ve seen the going rate is 480

(Let me know if you’d like this post deleted though)!


If you do, I’ll take the lid


Ok. Dropped to €500 including shipping without the lid. :slight_smile:


Sold. I’ll DM you. :slight_smile: