FS: [Sold]


Got various smallish items for sale. Free shipping from Amsterdam to any country in the EU, worldwide shipping upon request. I prefer IBAN but also accept PayPal. Links take you to photo galleries.

The following items are complete, in original box, and in excellent condition:

Without original box and manual, but otherwise in fine condition:

DM me in case you’re interested. Feel free to ask questions in the comments below. :slight_smile:


use a proper image board damn it. i can’t open the images to watch it. i have some browser plugins installed, but i will not deactivate them :wink:


No idea why your plugins would prevent iCloud’s public photo galleries from working, but hey, I’m not here to debug browsers. :wink:

Happy to email you pictures of the item(s) you’re interested in; just DM me.


Update: Added the Boss DR-660. It’s the drum machine designed by Roger Linn that Legowelt loves so much!


no, i’m not really interested. just wanna look on the images, that’s all :smiley:
i want a JV 1080. do you have one for sale?


whoa these have gone up in price


Feel free to make me an offer! :slight_smile:


Already have one, but thanks! Good luck.


I just tested in the latest Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on the latest macOS and iOS. Everything works great.

The only tracking attempts detected by Firefox Developer Edition were on the Elektronauts domain, not on your shared iCloud pages. In other words, your iCloud pages are clean and safe to browse. Nice photos, by the way.


Yeah, that’s actually one of the reasons I prefer using iCloud for this kind of thing. It’s pretty much the only thing way to share photo galleries without tracking if you don’t want to self-host.

Thank you. I feel it’s important to provide good, high-res photos for people to inspect second-hand gear before they buy.


His samples of this are delicious. I use them. aLOT.


Price drops!