FS: OTO Machines Biscuit [sold]


I’m selling my beloved OTO Machines Biscuit.

This is a rare and legendary piece of equipment, only 1500 were ever made (this one is no. 980). The unit is in absolutely mint condition (100% functional, perfect cosmetic condition), never used live and kept in a smoke-free studio–I always take great care of my instruments. I’m the first owner.

Comes with the latest firmware and Der OTO faceplate overlay which turns this beast into a monophonic synth. All the stuff from the original retail package are also included: 9 V power source, original box, manuals, stickers, everything.

Price: 950€ (or make me an offer).
Payment preferably via PayPal and shipment by e.g. DHL; buyer pays the fees.


  • BISCUIT add depth, texture and organic behavior to synths, basslines, drum machines and virtual sounds from computers.
  • By using 8-bit converters, digital processing and analog resonant filters, BISCUIT opens up a wide range of sounds from harsh distortion, digital and aliasing artifacts to warm and fat 8-bit sounds.
  • You can mute or invert each of the 8 bits of the digital signal by pressing one of the 8 rectangular switches, to generate strong distortions with an intense digital character.
  • Lower the sample frequency down to 250 Hz for aliasing effects and use the multimode analog filter to get a warm and fat sound.
  • You can also add one of the following effects to your 8-bit modifications: Waveshaper, Delay, Pitchshifter and Step Filter. Each effect contains one or several parameters to set.
  • Producers, deejays, musicians and sound lovers can use BISCUIT to extend their sound creation possibilties.
  • BISCUIT will find its place in studios, on stages or even in clubs.


  • Stereo inputs and outputs
  • Input gain from -∞ to 15 dB with diode clipping
  • Real 8-bit Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog converters
  • Unique capability of muting and inverting each of the 8 bits
  • Variable sample clock from 250 Hz to 30 kHz
  • True analog multimode filter with resonance control
  • FX section: Waveshaper, Delay, Pitch Shifter and Step Filter
  • Separate control of dry and 8-bit signals
  • MIDI : Continuous Controller, Beat Clock, Program Change and Sysex for presets
  • Firmware can be upgraded via a MIDI SysEx file
  • 16 user presets
  • True Bypass by relay
  • Rugged metallic Neutrik© jacks
  • Dimensions: 190mm x 60mm x 117mm / 7.48″ x 2.36″ x 4.60″ (W x D x H)
  • Weight: 580g / 1.27 lbs




Hey. Would you be willing to trade? I have two Eventide H9’s that I would trade for your Biscuit… Both with Max Algorithms (1 is Max and the other is a Core, but with 1 Max, you can load all the algorithms onto the core).

Let me know if you have any interest.


Hey, thanks a lot for the proposal! However, I’m currently not looking for a trade…




is it available? thanks !