FS : OB6 Multisamples (inc discounts / free demo)

Hi Elektronauts!

I wanted to introduce myself - I´m a longtime Elektron user (AR, A4, MD, MM) and I run Thirdmanonthemoon. We sample Analog Synths and Drummachines through hi end Studio Gear and we`ve just released the OB6 Pads&Keys Sample Pack.

Since I have always likes Elektronauts and think a few people on the forum could be interested in OB6 Multisamples I wanted to offer some discount codes: (just paste the code during checkout)

10 x 100% off: elektronauts100

50 x 50% off: elektronauts50

there’s also a free demo pack which can be found here: OB6 Pads&Keys Free

I hope its ok to post this here and you guys like the Samples!


Hi thats great! really appreciated
I get the OB samples and the free packs. just checking,

Nice Work Fresh Concept and Graphics…


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Almost 6k wavs of the best poly on the market beautifully recorded? Yes. Please. Thank you!!!

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Awesome, thanks guys!

Wow…thank you so much.cant wait to try these

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Thank you!
Really looking forward to checking these out and trying in my DT.

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Wowee! This sounds lovely and the fact it’s in Kontakt format is even better. Thank you

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there are still two 100% codes left btw…

Appreciate!Thanks !!

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you are very welcome! I hope you guys dig the samples!


I love this post and would really like that pack (for free) but not a fan of creating a profile without being able to use easy fb or google sign in. Good luck to whoever get them, I love the OB6 :kissing_heart:

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I totally understand that but thats how the shopfront were using works as far as I know.
pm me if you like maybe I can hook you up some other way

btw, the 100% codes are gone now but the 50% codes are still a go and the demo pack is free anyway

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still a “few” 50% codes left :wink:

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Wow the samples are really nice! Thanks!

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Thats awesome thank you!