FS:[IT/EU] Nord Micro Modular


Selling my two Nord Micromodular to cover part of expenses of my Octatrack!
it’s 450 Eur for both or 250Eur if sold separately.
They work really well, just look a bit used.
Shipping to Italy/EU not included in the price.
Please DM me if interested.


As you’re a first time poster selling, we’d ask that you point prospective buyers to any sales feedback you have on other forums/platforms, if possible that is. :thup:

My other point would be … don’t sell them, not even for an OctaTrack, unless you actually have some more spare :wink:


Hi Avantronica,
I’ve subscribed here 'cause I get an Octatrack and I was looking for resources, then I’ve seen the marketplace and I thought it was a “good idea” to seel my two micros.
I’m not a frequent seller-traders of gear so I just have few announces 'cause I’m freeing some space in my place and switching to new gear. I was looking for an “introduce yourself” thread here on the forum but I didn’t find it!



Good point, we should probably find or make one; it’s not just about it being any new user’s first post it’s just a way to allow the trading go a bit smoother. There are sadly many instances where new users are selling non-existent gear. Nothing about your trade raises any concerns, we encourage all first time sellers in the exact same way, good luck selling … and of course this can work for you too … you can check out if your potential buyer has a good track record on the seller feedback thread :okej:


Also check this post out and just use common sense

Anyway, welcome and good luck selling and getting an :elot: :thup:




Sold! Thanks to Krax, great selling experience :slight_smile: