FS (GER) : Moog Mother 32 & Dreadbox Nyx V1

After long dabbles with semi modulars I give myself the fix and go full eurorack. Selling my M32 and the first iteration of Nyx.
Both units are in mint condition and they never left my smoke free studio.


Comes with 5 patch cables, manual, power supply and original box. Asking 450 Euro plus shipping (EU only)

Dreadbox Nyx V1

Comes with 5 patch cables, power supply and original box. Asking 350 Euro plus shipping (EU only)

I hope these synths will find a new happy home.


Price bump for the Nyx🙂

yes… come to the cable side :money_mouth_face::toilet::heart_eyes:

Ha ha, too late already. Already got Plaits, DFAM, Morgasmatron and Piston Honda Mk3 in the case. Together with my Dominion 1 and Ableton CV Tools, this is an awful lot of fun.

Going down the rabbit hole in breathtaking speed and I don’t regret it… Yet!!! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Tasty! Got a midi cv module? I just recently got shuttle control! Only really understanding a little bit at a time atm! :confounded: