FS (GER) Elektron PL-2 Cover, 30€ - Sold, please close!



One that fits almost all…A4/Rytm MK1s, OT, MD, MnM. Includes posting within Germany. EU wide sending is probably not worth it…


You-know-you-need-it-and-well-i-actually-might-need-it-too-one-day-bump :smile:


First, when that product came out I didn’t find interest in. Since you sold me the AR with one on it, I find it usefull. I already bought a second one. If I lived in Germany I would bought it :slight_smile:


I need one more, but I’m in the uk.


Yeah…it is really difficult to send it within EU and still being economic :confused:


I have some trades if that interests you.


If we increase the volume/substance of the package it might be worth to discuss I guess :smile:


I have wooden sides and a dual Zerack stand (both for the big machines) and a push 2 decksaver!


Thanks mate, I guess I would have no use for those :confused:


Sold! Please close :sunny: