FS: Gear For Sale

its time…

the list is a heads up of gear I will be posting and subject to change. most likely will be adding gear. 1 or 2 may come off the list. all gear is in a non smoker anally clean room.
images and info clarification on each piece to be posted soon.

Gear List for sale


  • Boss RSD-10
  • Analog Rytm MKll

Prices are USD my bank is in the US. I am living in Canada right now…so they will be shipping from Canada, but payments will be too my US account.

MOTU Ultralite [MK1] - $75 USD
great as a throw in your bag I/O for this price. including the Firewire cable and adding the Thunderbolt adapter. power supply and orig box.
can be used as a cheap modular CV I/O as it is DC coupled.

more photos

MOTU Ultralite AVB - $530 USD
power supply and cables incl. [didnt wanna take those out of the wire rats nest until absolutely needed]

more photos

MOTU 8A - $650 USD
power supply and cables incl. [didnt wanna take those out of the wire rats nest until absolutely needed]

more photos

Elektron Analog 4 MKI - $600 USD

more photos

Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S25 MK1 - $125 USD
this one is beefier than the new version. you can DL the MIDI map editor, assign CCs, map the keys etc, and has the neat lights. has plug adapters for diff countries. great condition.

more photos

MOOG - Mother 32 $400 USD

more photos

Neutron Sound - Orgone Accumulator $175 USD
note: DIY built by our resident glitch(d). great build, another hard one to sell.

Expert Sleepers - Disting MK1 $60 USD
note: there is some, what I think is, oxidation of the faceplate, the purple hue. that may not be for everyone. I think it looks kinda cool. just pointing that out.

Make Noise - Optomix V1 $90 USD

Grayscale - Synapse $50 USD
This is a great way to connect and Analog 4 to your eurorack.
with indicator lights showing what is active. takes the guesswork out of what’s going where.
and no need for adapters and splitters:+1:t5:


  • Boss RSD-10
  • Analog Rytm MKll

more to come



Nice list (in several senses).

Whereabouts are you located (for shipping)?
What kind (nationality) of $ are those prices?


It’s like a shopping list!

I’ll have the Digitone, and A4, kthxby

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Nice try…

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I have a sneaking suspicion that those prices aren’t A$

Thanks for the photos you’ve posted so far. I’m re-listing since you are a longtime and trusted member here. I’m looking forward to drooling over… erm, seeing the rest of the photos of the gear you’re selling!


Don’t do it man!

Man that rsd10 is super clean. Makes my poor old girl feel like she’s grizzled sea hag.

Bump for adding gear

[this batch was hard :frowning: ]


Damn you must be going through very hard times, it’s been lasting way too much… So gut-wrenching.

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Wow - Prices are amazing! free bump, good luck!

RYTM MKII Still for sale???

First time posting it. That was a HARD one for me to post up :frowning:

Had sold and OTMKl in the past.


I’d quite like the disting and optomix if you can be bothered shipping to the UK? No worries if not!

Received the RSD-10 and it was the best packing job I’ve ever seen, no kidding. And the RSD looks brand new. Amazing seller.


Hi! Is the RYTM MKII Still for sale???

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Ayyy nice control voltage sticker ! Played a chiptune show there once :joy:

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bump again…
added some eurorack modules.

note: Synapse, a pretty handy tool for A4 -> Eurorack.