-fs/ft-us-brand new digitone

-selling my brand new sealed digitone I just recently acquired.
-seal is still intact and straight from factory.
-really enjoying working in the box lately and want to invest more into that instead of more hardware rite now.

-will sell it for 660 with free priority usps shipping and insured.

-preferred us buyers only for now and through PayPal or bank transfer thanks
also have seller feedback on here

also will trade for a Push 2 & Ableton Live Standard. I’ll give you my Live Intro.

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would you be willing to trade for OT mk 1?

Thanks, but sorry I’m not.
Only other gear I would consider besides the Push 2 would be an AR.

Update* I’m willing to also accept;

Ableton Live Standard or Suite and some cash.
I’ll give you my Live Intro so you won’t be left with nothing.


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