FS/FT:UK/EU: Studio Clear Out


I am based in London and selling the following fully working gear:

Synthrotek Eko: £SOLD
Manhattan Analog Mix: £60
Doepfer A-199 w/tank: £80
Dervish FV-1 DSP FX: £150

Novation Remote Zero SL: £SOLD

Korg SE-500 Stage Echo (rare): £900
Boss CE-300 Super Chorus: £150
Alesis Bitrman: £180

Drawmer MX30: £120
Focusrite Octopre MKii: £SOLD
RME Firaface 400: £400

Roland Alpha Juno 1: £SOLD

Open to trades. Let me know if you have any questions or if you want to attach you any photos.



As it’s your first post and you’re a new member it’s customary for us to ask that you aim to attach photos and ideally offer a pointer to any other sales feedback you have as you’ll not be known on the thread below

This’ll help you sell quicker too, but as ever, buyers and sellers have to do their own due diligence :thup:



Happy to send photos if somebody interested in. I am on muff, modulargrid, gearslutz and other forums with the same alias. Thanks!