FS/FT: SH101 would swap for Machinedrum UW+ MK2

€950 or would swap for a Machinedrum UW+ MK2. Shipping out of Ireland.

The classic! In great condition and working perfectly. It has had an easy life in the studio.
Tuning is stable. Sliders and switches all smoother and working perfectly. Bender bends to semitone above, and below, an octave at full range. Not sure if this is normal as my Juno only goes to an octave above and below but I felt it was worth noting.

For the sake of transparency: some screws are missing from the bottom plate but it is held securely and firmly in place with the screws that are there. There is a sticker on the bottom panel. There are some lights marker marks on the faceplate where the previous owner appears to have marked key points for some patch. Barely noticeable and easily removed with some alcohol and elbow grease. I have not tested it with batteries nor do I have the inclination or desire too as I would have no use for them afterwards.

Buyer pays shipping and Paypal fees.

Hi there

where in Ireland are you? Would it be possible to come see it? I’m based in Dublin