FS/FT (EU/WW) Lots of gear, synths and euro modules

Euro modules (most of those in super mint condition):

Vermona MonoLacet + dock (euro module). 500 EUR
Synthrotek Eko, DIYed using good quality components. 75 EUR
Synthrotek Chaos NAND, DIYed using good quality components. 90 EUR
Synthrotek DS-M, Coron DS8 clone, DIYed using good quality components. 100 EUR
J3rk Fader (Stroh Fadex), DIYed with 8hp Clarke68’s euro panel. 150 EUR
Metasonix R-56 tube spring reverb. 450 EUR
Metasonix RK-1 Noisedrum. 260 EUR
The Harvestman Double Andore. 450 EUR
The Harvestman Stilton Adapter. 250 EUR
RYO Optodist, grayscale alu panel. 150 EUR
Erica Fusion VCF. 280 EUR
Erica Sequential Switch. 100 EUR

WMD Gamma Wave. 250 EUR
4ms Atoner. DIYed, alu panel. 220 EUR
Kilpatrick K2579 Sequencer. 400 EUR
FCUK Waverider, DIYed. 180 EUR
FCUK Modulation Druid VC LFO, DIYed. 180 EUR
FCUK Recycler VC ADSR/LFO, DIYed. 180 EUR
Addac WAV Player, golden panel. 400 EUR
Makenoise Function. 120 EUR

[color=white]Noise Engineering Zularic Repetitor. 220 EUR [color=red]SOLD

[color=white]The Harvestman Zorlon Cannon. 230 EUR[color=red]SOLD

[color=white]The Harvestman Polivoks VCF. 170 EUR [color=red]SOLD

[color=white]The Harvestman Polivoks VCG. 210 EUR [color=red]SOLD

[color=white]The Harvestman Malgorithm. 230 EUR [color=red]SOLD

[color=white]Blacet/Plan B Miniwave VCO + both ROMs (super rare). 300 EUR [color=red]SOLD

[color=white]Hexinverter Battery Acid IDOW edition. 190 EUR [color=red]SOLD

[color=white]TouellSkouarn Strakal Brulu (alu panel), DIYed. 180 EUR [color=red]SOLD

[color=white]Noise Engineering Ataraxic Translatron VCO (purple panel). 120 EUR [color=red]SOLD

[color=white]Addac VC FM Radio. 280 EUR [color=red]SOLD

[color=white]Mutable Inst. Elements. 500 EUR [color=red]SOLD

[color=white]Manhattan Analog CVP, DIYed. 55 EUR [color=red]SOLD

And other gear:

Dynacord P-20 drum module + 6 sound cartidges + remote switch, super nice condition! 300 EUR
Lexicon MX200. 100 EUR
Alesis Ion + flighcase. 500 EUR
Alesis AirFX. 100 EUR
Moody Sounds Baby Box drone synth with ext. input. 180 EUR

[color=white]EMG-81 active hi-gain guitar pickup. 55 EUR [color=red]SOLD

[color=white]Behringer UCA-200 USB audio interface. 8 EUR [color=red]SOLD

[color=white]Solec Tape Echo SE-8 (uses 8-track cassette, ships with two). 150 EUR [color=red]SOLD

[color=white]Koma BD-101. 250 EUR [color=red]SOLD

[color=white]Koma Kommander. 45 EUR [color=red]SOLD

Located in Warsaw/PL.

Trades possible for:

Livewire Chaos Computer
Harvestman Piston Honda v.2
Harvestman Hertz Donut v.2
Harvestman Kermit
MI Streams
MN Telharmonic
Vermona qMI
Vermona VCA

Waldorf Streichfett
Waldorf Pulse 2
Korg Wavestation AD
Yamaha EX5R
Strymon Big Sky

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Metasonix modules added

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