FS/FT (CONUS) : MKI Trinity


Workflow has changed and the MKI trinity is not being used as frequently anymore, thus needs to make moves out of my studio.

Ideally would like to trade or sell my trinity as a package. I got the OT and AR new, while the AR is still on warranty from PCA.

All three work flawlessly, are in excellent condition, and have not had any issues. They have always sat in my pet/smoke free studio. All three have their original PSU and boxes (no box for A4).

The A4 has a small knick to the top of encoder A (purchased it off of someone that way), however it does not affect functionality of the encoder or the A4; it is very easy to get replacement encoder from Elektron HQ.

A4 2016
OT 2016
AR 2017

Will through in a laser cut MDF two tier stand with hardware.

$2350 shipped OBO for the trinity.


Make a cash or trade offer – I’m reasonable!

Interested in a trade for/partially:

Prophet 6
Minikorg 700s

^things like the above^






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bump for price drops & trade options on A4


Still available – email for more images!


still available!


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SH-01A + K25 sold; other items still available! bump


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Blofeld keys sold
TT-78 added
Price drop on A4 MKI




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We’re going to need more pictures, as per this post: