[FS/FT 4 medusa/DT/OP-Z+£] Octatrack mk2 with elektron pl2, official elektron carry bag and sandisk extreme CF[UK]


Devestated to let it go, again, again but needs must. Mint condition. I have the original box but don’t have access to it right now. Promise I’ll get it to you as soon as I do though. I’m a trusted seller on here having sold 2 on here and other stuff already

£900 or trade for digitakt/op-z+£400

Birmingham uk

Octatrack Dilemma



Definitely :frowning: Roll with the punches eh


Gots to.


Dont do it.but if needs must make sure you get one back someday😢


Trying to juggle things to avoid it but it’s looking probable it’s gonna have to go at the moment, I’ll get it back soon enough


Shit ain’t it mate.ive had to sell stuff lately. Had to sell monomachine and digitone which gutted me


Would you sell the bag and lid seperately?


Maybe, I’ll keep you posted. Might make it a bit harder to shift while I’ve got no access to the original box. DM an offer anyway if you want


Was actually selling my Digitakt last month to buy a mk2 octa but then overbridge happened and I thought I’d stick with it. This is tempting though


sleep on it and let me know :troll:

@Stumm42 wounder. 2 boxes I aint had the chance to play with. always kinda wanted a mnm but it never really fitted in with my genres. DN had my interest too for a bit, maybe one day


added op-z interest, oh also forgot to mention OT has a 16gb sandisk extreme CF card too ill throw in


Open to offers, not gonna keep doing price drops. if anyone’s waiting on it message and we’ll talk