FS (EU/UK/WW) : Rytm MK1


Selling my beloved Rytm MK1 in perfect working condition and really good cosmetic shape and form. Rytm has little marks on the panel from plastic lid which I’m adding to it as a deal.

Rytm 630 GBP/730 Euro

Can ship Worldwide UPS insured, PM me for more details. Can consider potential swaps for Monome stuff Arc, Teletype maybe Grids.

Buyer pays for postage and covers payapal fees. You are welcome to use Transferwise as well, its up to you.


I am interested in the Analog Rytm and the shipment from the Poland or Germany would be perfect. However, would you mind adding a picture or two of the Rytm? I’d like to see the marks and the plastic led (did you mean lid?) if that’s alright.

Thanks in advance.


Sure, here are the photos and yes I meant lid. :slight_smile: thanks for checking!
Marks are most visible on the bottom under the buttons, its nothing major really.


Also adding couple of pics of OT MK1


Bumping this now! Price drop on both machines now. Shipping Rytm from Sweden. Let me know if you are keen.


Are you the first owner? How long did you have the rytm???



Yes I’m the original owner. Have it for few years now, its in really good shape tho. It wasn’t used a lot tbh as I’m focused on modular more. I don’t think it has the warranty still if thats what you were concerned about.
Let me know if you have other questions.



price drop bump and priced to sell. DM if you have any questions.


If you decide to sell the lid separately let me know. Otherwise have a free bump


Hi, do you have Octatrack mk1 for sale? I’m new here, PM me.


Hey sorry no OT1 for sale its gone. Rytm still for grabs.


Sorry if Rytm goes on its own then can sell lid :laughing: otherwise i think it makes nice deal. Still available.


Bumps and added swap options. PM me if interested and have Teletype or Arc can figure something out perhaps :slight_smile: cheers.