FS (EU) : Symetrix E-series pro outboard + eurorack (Intellijel, ADDAC, Pittsburgh)

Bank transfer preferred, PayPal possible. Will post from Sweden against postage added to price. No trades at this point in time.


Symetrix 565E Stereo Compressor Limiter/Expander
Very clean VCA compressor / limiter / expander using proprietary Symetrix Dynamics² tech . Smash it tae fuck without worrying about mid-range frequencies losing fidelity, as they tend to do in many other VCA designs. A worthy heir to the Symetrix 501.
141 eur
Manual: http://www.symetrix.co/kb/565E_ug.pdf

Symetrix Advanced Windowing Gate
113 eur
Manual: http://www.symetrix.co/kb/565E_ug.pdf

Symetrix 552E Dual Parametric Equalizer
“All 5 bands delivers up to 12 dB of boost and 20 dB of cut, adjustable bandwidth control (.05 octaves to 2 octaves), frequency control 10 Hz-20 kHz. Use each band anywhere in the audio spectrum, not just the pre-selected ranges you find on most equalizers. Implemented in a series/parallel configuration to ensure accurate band interaction & the best noise and distortion performance”.
156 eur


Intellijel Polaris multimodefilter/phaser - LP/BP/HP+multi out, drive, switchable dist
170 eur

Pittsbugh Phase Shifter

200 eur

ADDAC Power Starvation - for those who love the sound of TB-303 struggling against certain death, of digital delays breaking up on the brink of disaster
95 eur

Symetrix 562E is SOLD
Pittsburgh Phase shifter is SOLD

EQ is off hold, available again!

Intellijel Polaris on hold