FS (EU) Octatrack MKII [CLOSED]


Oh I see… what other equipment you got for sale, If I can ask?


I will sell the rest when the octa is sold.
i still have in storage:

  • Roland D-05
  • Bastl Microgranny
  • Arturia Minibrute
  • Arturia Drumbrute
  • Tascam 414 MK2

I will do relatively cheap prices on these, as i need them gone.
But i wanted to sell the Octa first to take care of some purchases needed for the house; but even selling the Octa is proving to be difficult.


Hey :wave: I live in Malta and my friend here has been looking for tape machines for ages. He’s asking about your price for the Tascam. Can I PM you his email and you guys can talk about it together?


Hey there, sure, send me a PM with the info.
The Tascam is the only gear piece that needs a small repair.
The PSU cord has a cut on it. I’m am going to strip, solder, isolate and test it before selling.

For now, the Octatrack selling odyssey continues.


PM sent. Thanks!


This still available?




I’ll get back to you mate. Thanks.


I might as well keep this thing, huh… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Maybe it’s a sign. :okej:

I already own a OT MK2, would love to buy a second one, but i need the money for other things.


Yes ! Keep it !!! :dolphin:


Why you ould you wanna sell it? It is a sampler, there is nothing like it in a music world.




sent PM …




Please close this thread.
I’ll open another one with all my gear, later.