FS (EU) Octatrack MKII [CLOSED]


Is USA Shipping possible? I’ve been looking to get into the Octa MkII for a while now.


I prefer to keep the deals inside Europe to avoid postage headaches, but if you don’t mind paying a bit more on shipping so i can send through DHL with good tracking, signed delivery, insurance etc, we can make a deal.


Octatrack buyers are like Gollum/Sméagol.
One second they are looking at the hardware hissing “my precioussssss” and on the next they look at shipping and fees and scream “Curse it and crush it! We hates it forever!”


What do you think shipping would be to NH, USA? If the math works out then I promise I won’t throw it into Mount Doom. You can DM the details if you’d like to keep it off the thread.


I’ll have to get a quote from dhl, I’ll get back to you by DM.


Octatrack still available.
The prices to send it to the US with DHL are crazy.




I buy it : )
Just sent u a message!


Pm replied.


you won’t regret it’s a hell of a machine ! or like @sezare56 likes to say " LA MACHINE EXTRAORDINAIRE "


Did I say that?
@pinup57 likes to say that. :wink:

From manual :

Chained FX blocks paired with automated real time sampling can warble and twist incoming audio in ways previously unachievable by a single machine. Two chains, each with 8 simultaneous effects, can be active at the same time.


I am really interested


Still available.


I just want to ad that I was going to buy this and had quite a lot of communication with Mantrox,
he is a 100% trustworthy seller, he even returned the €900 i sent him.


I have to ply with one before i go

WTB: Octatrack MK2



Great price!


@amorat, this could be of interest given you WTB ad :wink:


Could you be interested in a Moog M32(with all accessories)+cash? Thank you.


No trades of any kind, thanks.
I want to sell all my stuff.