FS (EU) Octatrack MKII [CLOSED]


Hi there,
i am selling my Octatrack MKII for 900€ + shipping.

It was used for a couple of months, only at home (smoke free).
I am always very careful with my stuff, and this octatrack is no exception.

It comes with everything that was in it’s original box.

  • PSU
  • 16GB CF Card
  • Booklets
  • The box itself with the protection foam/bag

I am located in Portugal and will ship to most parts of Europe.
The shipping will be payed by the buyer.
The preferred method of payment is Paypal; do mind the 4% extra fee if you use the paypal payment option.

Some months ago, on this forum, i sold a minty Analog RYTM MK2 to the user wavecircle without any issues.
Hope i can do the same this time with the octa.

Thanks for taking a look :slight_smile:Preformatted text


Amazing machine, good price. Have a free bump :+1:


Bumperoo :smiley:


I have to buy some furniture, and would love to sell the Octa this week.
Uber pricedrop.


Another free bump from me for a really good price. Viva!


Must… resist…


Insane price. I just got a OT mkII a few weeks ago, but damn, that’s a good price.


It’s a real struggle…


Espero que a consigas vender o mais rápido possivel. Boa sorte


Thanks everybody.
That IKEA furniture is not cheap though :sweat_smile:

Any takers?


Is it still in warranty? When did you buy it? Must resist :see_no_evil:


I bought it mid last year, from ebay, sealed.
I contacted the Elektron support to check if the serial number still had warranty before buying, and they said yes. I think the unit has a 2018 serial number, but i can confirm that when i get home.

Just checked the Elektron website to see if i still had the response there, but it seems they don’t archive the support tickets. I can ask Elektron again if it’s an issue.

Edit: According to the serial number, the manufacture date is 01/2018.


Up and away!


Crazy ! people ready to pay 10 000 for an OP-1 but don’t jump on OT2 at 900 !!! What a world !


is it stil available?


It is.


10,000 :smile:

It’s a very fair price but not THAT cheap… Thomann B-Stock (usually pristine) is only about 100 more with full warranty.

Ps I’m still extremely tempted but resisting :see_no_evil: …sorry Mantrox!


250 euros less than a new one, and only two months old is a very good price !


Even though it’s pretty much mint, It’s not two months old.
The manufacturing date is 01/2018 not 2019. I bought it in April, used it a couple of times and put it in storage for 7 months during house renovations.


I would have bought this hadn’t I found one locally yesterday. I paid more for it too.
its just timing, someone is bound to be looking for one on here very soon.