FS EU Korg Kaoss Pad KP3+ (Plus), Roland SP-404A, Redsound XS-FX

For sale, sensible offers accepted:

Korg Kaoss Pad KP3+ (Plus) Price 240 Euros.
Roland SP-404A Price: 360 euros.
Redsound XS-FX Asking price: 160 Euros.
Read description and condition for each further down.

Korg Kaoss Pad KP3+ (Plus) model brand new. Only taken out of the box for photos.
It’s the latest model from Korg, featuring more and updated algorithms.

Korg say:

  • Use the touchpad to control effects in real time.
  • A total of 150 effects ideal for DJ mixing and sound design;42 new types including:
  • Vinyl Break simulates a turntable
  • Ducking Compressor emphasizes the backbeats
  • Newly-designed Looper lets you freely manipulate loops
  • Effects you can use for breaks in your DJ play

For greater usability, the Looper effect has been modified to let you loop the sound starting from the instant you touch the touchpad. The existing programs have been significantly updated; for example, if you move your finger to change the number of beats in the loop, the timing of that change will automatically be quantized. There are also many new programs such as LoP.4 Freeze Looper, LoP.6 Shuttle Looper, and the LoP.7 Slice Looper that finely slices a phrase and loops the location that you choose.

Effects for breaks and drops

New effects include dLY.2 Echo Break and rEV.3 Reverb Break, which mute the input sound and generate delay or reverb. These are ideal ways to create breaks in your DJ play.
We’ve also enhanced the synth sound effects that are effective when used during a break, bringing them up to date for the evolving dance music scene. Newly added sounds include Syn.3 Pump Noise (noise without resonance, processed by a side-chain effect) as well as Syn.4 Lofi Synth and Syn.9 Resonator.

Other added effects include FL.16 Center Canceler for partial vocal cancellation, LFO.1 Jag Filter which uses a non-resonant filter to chop the sound, dLY.5 One Delay which shines on styles such as hip-hop, and Grn.6 Stutter Grain which alternately applies a grain shifter and a Looper. We completely rethought the X-axis and Y-axis parameter assignments and their polarity, and included flashy and glittering synth sounds as well as many more effects that will enhance the latest sounds of today’s scene.
Brand new in box. Located in Romania.

Roland SP-404A
Comes with box, original power supply, original manual and printed reference manual, 4 GB SD card.
Used lightly, as I decided it’s not my cup of tea. Might have the original invoice and warranty around as it’s just one year old. Purchased as you can see on the box from a Romanian authorized retailer for the equivalent of 470 euros.
Price: 360 euros.

Redsound XS-FX
Digital effect unit from the now defunct company Redsound. Estethically goes together with their DJ samplers. Has phono and line inputs and balanced and unbalanced line outputs so can be super useful for sampling direct off an turntable. Effects can be used by preset or activated manually. It detects the incoming BPM (quite well I could say) and syncs to it. Effects range from mild processing and modulation to total filtering and panning destruction. Also has Z-Plane filters.
It is missing the joystick knob but it has been replaced with a plastic one. FX buttons and sliders have been all replaced by a professional so the unit is in top condition. Comes with printed manual and power supply, generic box.


TYPE: Virtual analog modelled 12dB per octave, Low pass
FX MIXER JOYSTICK: Frequency [X], Resonance [Y]
Z PLANE FADER: Envelope Mod [press & hold FILTER button sets LFO shape]
LFO SHAPES: Triangle, rising, falling, pulse
TYPE: Modelled vintage tape delay
FX MIXER JOYSTICK: Reproduction [X], Repeats [Y]

TYPE: Multi pan of low, mid & high frequencies
Z PLANE FADER: 2-Way Split

TYPE: Variable Ramp Gate
FX MIXER JOYSTICK: Attack [X], Decay [Y]
Z PLANE FADER: Gate Duration

TYPE: Modelled Tape Flanging
FX MIXER JOYSTICK: Frequency [X], Feedback [Y]
Z PLANE FADER: Depth [press & hold FLANGER button sets LFO shape]
LFO SHAPES: Triangle, Rising, Falling, Pulse

MASTER ON/OFF: Activates selected effects
MIX FADER: Sets the wet/dry output balance
HOLD [JOYSTICK]: Memorises FX setting as set by joystick in any off-centre positions
FREQUENCY SELECTORS: Low, Mid, High switches select frequency bands for FX processing
FX MODE BUTTONS: Select the main operating mode - single or multi
INPUT SELECTOR: Mic/Line/Phono switch
INPUT LEVEL [CLIP]: Input gain control with bi-colour level indicator

MONITOR LEVEL: Headphone level control
MIC TRIM: Microphone level control

SETTINGS: Beats [buttons/LEDs] 1/4 -1/3 - 1/2 - 2/3 - 3/4 - 1/1 - 2/1
Bars [rotary encoder/display] 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 6 - 8 - 12 - 16

MULTI FX PRESETS [MULTI MODE] 50 x factory presets featuring multiple effect combinations

NUDGE 4 x button keypad for BPM / Synchronisation adjustments
MIC: 1 x ¡¦Jack socket [front panel]
LINE: 2 x ¡¦Jack socket [rear panel]
PHONO: RCA phono sockets [rear panel] + earthing terminal

BALANCED: 2 x ¡¦Jack socket [rear panel]
UNBALANCED: 2 x RCA phono socket [rear panel]
MONITOR: 1 x ¡¦Jack socket [front panel]

POWER SUPPLY External (16VDC 750mA)

DIMENSIONS/WEIGHT 202[H] x174[W] x30mm[D] 1.25kg"
Asking price: 160 Euros.

Buyer pays shipping in EU, around 25 Euro via insured post or courier, depending of country.
Paypal FF or add extra 2 or 3% for fees.



Reduced to EUR 250

Location ?

Romania but can ship from Germany end of August (work travel)

KP3+ further reduced, new items added. Can supply Ebay Id and Reverb Id if needed.