[FS][EU][GER] Analog 4 + Greyscale Synapse (Eurorack A4 Expansion) SOLD


Hi, I’m selling my A4 to buy some more Eurorack modules. Yes the bug caught me. Or I guess I caught the bug…

Anywho. For sale:

Analog 4
Greyscale Synapse

Price (excluding shipping): 650€
Payment: Paypal

It’s in super condition. The only thing that is to mention is the screen contrast. It’s not completely even. Perfectly usable - I am the second owner and got it as such and have been using it for over a year - I never had an issue with it.

Write me if you have any questions!


Price drop!



And some additional information:
With the Eurorack expansion you can send out LFO’s, Pitch, Gate, static CV and biggest, you can use p-locking to control your rack!

– Max


Sold - Please close.