FS (EU / Berlin) Euro: Mutable, Intellijel, Mannequins, Noise Eng, etc


*** Out of town and not available to sell or ship anything until April 23 ***

Pick up local within Berlin preferred. Would ship within EU depending on what’s bought.


  • Mannequins Just Friends: 400€
  • Noise Engineering Loquelic Iteritas: 260€
  • SynthTech E350 Morphing Terrarium: 280€
  • Mutable Instruments Tides 2 (original original MI build, 2018 model): 200€
  • Mutable Instruments Warps (original MI build): 170€
  • Mutable Instruments Frames (original MI build): 190€
  • Mutable Instruments µBraids with bare aluminum panel (white printed Magpie panel include): 240€
  • RYO Aperture with custom greyscale panel (and original panel included): 130€
  • 2hp EG: 65€
  • Expert Sleepers Disting Mk3 with custom greyscale panel (and original panel included): 145€
  • Circuit Abbey Twiggy: 80€
  • Frequency Central UK System X ADSR Envelope: 85€


How about somephotos? It’s something we’re asking these days, due to a few recent issues in the Marketplace section of the forum…


Sure, just added photos of everything. It’s a big push and I was lazy at first, hope this helps.


How much for the MI Clouds?


Clouds is sold but I forgot to take the photo down, sorry for the misunderstanding