FS (Berlin/GER) Tascam LM-8ST


I’m simplifying my rig so I’m selling my Sequentix Cirklon in Berlin for 1500€, my Roland Boutique JX-03 for 260€ and my Tascam LM-8ST line mixer for 350€. At the moment I don’t want to deal with shipping, so I’m trying to sell locally first.

In excellent condition, with original packing, manual and power adapters. Used only in a non-smoking house.

EDIT: Now 1500€ for the Cirklon.
EDIT: The Cirklon is gone.
EDIT: The JX-03 is gone.


The JX-03 has a small dent in the painting over the DCO-1 label, you can see it in the picture:

EDIT: Already have a Digitakt so no longer accepting one as part of the payment fro the Cirklon.


Argh :frowning: just made the payment for Cirklon. Would be so much easier to buy in Berlin…


:frowning: well, if you have a friend who needs one, point them in this direction!


You could be the envy of all the cool kids if you had TWO CIRKLONS! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:


Too much of a hipster thing to have two Cirklons


Yeah man, don’t you know? Everyone’s got two Cirklons now. Gotta get with it! :slight_smile:


Yay I’m a bit behind the bandwagon


1 cirklon/midi track is the only real deal :joy:


Down to 1500€ for the Cirklon now, you can skip the 1 year waiting list for no extra money!


this is a great deal… last one sold on ebay for 2750 euros… and without the BoB!


I’m keen to take the Cirklon if you still have it, i’m in UK but got friends in Berlin I could sort to collect it and post my way if needed


I have a potential buyer checking it today, but that can work out for me. So I would deal with a “local customer”.


No worries just let me know either way and if it’s still there I’ll sort someone to come take a look and everything


Finally sold the Cirklon. I still have the Roland JX-03 for sale, just 250€ now.


Hi Jano.
Would you sell the Strymon Big Sky as well? I’m seeking one!


Do you sell the Roland Ju-06? Would be interested.


It’s already gone, sorry! The only things left for sale are the mixer and the JX-03.


It’s not for sale, sorry!


That’s a pity :frowning: Thanks for your reply!