FS: (AU) Phoenix/Shruthi XT w/ SMR4mkII (No PSU) - AU$430

I have four (4) new Shruthi/Phoenix XT desktop hybrid mono synths for sale that I’ve just finished building. Each is running v1.02 firmware (latest) and have the SMR4mkII filter board included and 144 patches to get you started.

These are also enclosed in a high quality metal enclosure with wooden sides by Halik Engineering, a reputable case builder.

**No PSU included but easily obtainable. 9V Unregulated, 0.5A required.

ONE white units for sale.


Very nice :slight_smile:



Thanks guys.

For the convenience of others:

AU$650 is approximately USD$495 or EU€405 or GBP£355. :slight_smile:

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Bump, three (3) left - 2x white, 1x black!

Oh and price drop, AU$600! Approximately USD$450 or EU€405 or GBP£330! (plus shipping anywhere).

Free bump for excellent prices. I already have a Shruthi XT and it is sa-weeeet!



Where were you 6 months ago!? I always wanted the XT after having had the small format shruthi but they were always out of my budget. 6 months ago I went back to the small format shruthi and here you come with not 1 but 3 XT for sale in oz where I reside :frowning: I am tempted to shuffle some things around to fit it in my budget lol!

Damn that sux! Buy a XT and sell the other! :slight_smile:



Ooh I’ve always wanted one of these, budget is tight just now though. How much with UK shipping?

Thanks for the interest! I need to find decent packaging for these but looks to be around AU$70 (~40 GBP) on top.



Hi! I’m interested! Is a black one still available? Also, how does one write personal messages on this board?

Click on the user’s avatar, and you should get a popup like such, then click Message, and away you go…


PM sent.

Two white units left, black unit pending!