Frozen Octatrack mk1 updating to 1.31

I was updating the os on my Octatrack mk1 to 1.31. It froze and I let it run for a while. Finally I rebooted it and now upon startup it freezes on a screen with a D in the lower left hand corner and a very strange graphic that runs from the lower right corner to about the middle of the bottom of the screen. Not sure how to describe it but I’m hoping if anyone has seen it they will know what I’m talking about. Any help would be appreciated so much as the repairs are insanely expensive. I talked with someone at elektron and they suggested reseating the connectors which I did. Definitely feels like a software thing and at this point I’d be down with a clean reset. Thank you in advance for any help.


How did you upgraded it?
With .bin file or .syx file?

Could you post a picture?

hi - did you ever resolve this? i have exactly the same machine and problem , weird graphic and all! help!