Frequent issues with Overbridge + Rytm

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone else has these issues, I can’t find much info online about it.

Synced to Ableton using Overbridge, my Rytm will (sometimes frequently, sometimes not so) glitch, have audio drop outs or get out of time.

I’m using a buffer size of 512 samples, and have the Rytm synced to “Song Pos”. It seems to happen more frequently when under higher CPU load, and can be triggered by opening a graphical VST, but it also happens when CPU usage is low.
I have a 2014 macbook pro so it’s not exactly underpowered.

Sometimes the audio will completely freeze, and I have to unplug the Rytm’s USB and plug it back in again to fix it.

Anyone got any tips on reducing these issues?

Help much appreciated!

I have some of these issues too. No freezing, but definitely mild glitching and occasional loss of sync (tempo stays solid, but rtym audio gets offset in relation to the DAW grid). This will happen even at generous buffer settings. I’m using a MacBook Pro. It’s enough of a problem that I’d never use overbridge live. Direct outs only, for me. Wish I could help, I’d like a solution too.

Remember reading (here somewhere) that using the same buffer size on both overbridge and the sound card would be a good thing.

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Hey there,

What works best for me is to start a track with overbridge and rytm and analog4, then record all tracks to audio.

Then transfer those files into another project in ableton.

It works super well but you can’t tweak away once its recorded, but you can add vst effects.

What OS os running?
Dedicated USB port or behind a hub?

Also che k this:

You mean on my Focusrite interface, or just in Ableton’s preferences?
Since the Rytm is going through USB I wouldn’t have thought it’d make too much difference

Think I’m using El capitan although I’m not at home right now.

I’ve tried direct USB to my mac and still get these issues. The device is recognised, I just get the above problems.

Take a look at the post that I provided. It may be the solution to your issue.

From what I remember setting bit depth, sample rate and buffer settings in both the audio driver and in the overbridge control panel helped some people.

Did you see this post: [ Templates ] DAW, Overbridge & settings (Mac)

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