Freeze/Flatten in live with Heat/Overbridge

I’ve been trying to freeze and flatten the tracks I process through heat via overbridge in live… when I freeze them the effect disappears and isn’t baked in when I flatten the audio… I can always re-record the processed audio to a new track but I’m just used to the freeze/flatten option, so I was wondering if there’s a way around that or if not, what’s the fastest and easiest way to record audio I’ve processed with Heat/Overbridge.

Unless freeze/flatten records the audio in real time, I don’t see how it would be processed by the analog circuits in the AH. When you freeze/flatten say, a 1 minute piece of audio, does the freezing or flattening process take 1 minute, or is it faster?

Freeze/flatten is an Ableton thing, yeah? I’m not really familiar.

That makes sense… the Heat being an actual analog process, it needs to process in real time…

It can flatten plug ins and such, but your reply sorta helped me understand why it can’t flatten Heats effect.

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So are the freezing and flattening processes in fact quicker than the audio they’re processing? Now I’m curious. That sounds really useful

Yep, it’s almost instantaneous on a decent machine.

Freeze basically bundles your midi instrument and whatever plug ins is on it so it’s basically audio as far as the CPU hit is concerned, but you can still unfreeze and modify it. Flatten just bakes everything in and turns it into audio. And it is a very useful function, I’ll look for a work around with my Heat tho, because other then this slight limit, it’s becoming a really important tool in my workflow.

I have been curious about this. Hoping that I could just freeze and flatten stuff with the AH but I guess it’s not possible. Bummer.

I’m already looking up some work arounds… I’ll definitely add a resampling track to my default projects at the very least. But yes, slight bummer that you can’t freeze of flatten, tho understandable considering the process at work. Still better then all the steps needed for re-amping.

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