Free Octatrack Tutorials list



Thanks for collecting them, some on the list I hadn’t seen, nice to see some well respected producers repping the OT.


Please leave the link up, it’s a lot easier to browse than a big list of vids! Thanks for the hard work :pray:


This is a great piece of useful information. A lot of work put into. Thanks @Max.A


Words cannot express how helpful/sanity saving this thread is and will be. I have owned my Octatrack MKII for just a week and already I am incredibly thankful for this forum and all its’ wonderful shared knowledge.


Ok, I will wait with deleting link for now :slightly_smiling_face:
But the vids in the link are old, I found better ones since.

And for the reason mentioned above:

I think I should delete the link… later.

But I made a PDF file list instead, so you can use it)

And made post more readable… I think :thinking:

I’m done for now :relieved: