Free Mastering


Almost a year and a half ago I set out offering free mastering to learn, build up confidence and hopefully help some people along the way. I couldn’t have imagined the people who reached out and gave me an opportunity to help them. I think I’ve done close to 200 tracks in this time! I’m grateful for that experience, so if you’re one of those people… thank you!

I continue to get requests on a regular basis, but all things must come to end, so I’m announcing that I’m going to be transitioning over to a formal fee based service in the very near future. As such, I won’t be taking on any additional volunteer offers at this time.

If you’ve already contacted me, but haven’t yet submitted tracks… don’t worry. The offer remains for you. Just continue to contact me privately and we’ll carry on.

If you’ve previously worked with me and would like any new work done, please PM and/or email me. I’ll have a special offer for you going forward as a sincere ‘thank you’ for the foreseeable future.

If you haven’t yet contacted me and would like mastering work I’d be happy to discuss any projects that you might have. I haven’t finalized prices, but they’ll be reasonable and very competitive given the work involved. I’m also considering promotions I can give to great communities like this one. I should have more details and a formal website within the next 30-45 days. I’ll announce more when it’s appropriate.

Thanks again!