Free Digitone Sound pack by Blake with "Rhythm patches"

More than 500 people subscribed to my channel (which is a surprise as I just sing over weird machines haha) so I thought a little sound pack for the Digitone (from my past jams and a few new ones) could be something nice to share with everyone.

I’m no sound designer but you’ll get 108 patches, including 36 “rhythm patches”.

Patches cover kick, snare, clap, rimshot, hi-hat, bass, pads, keys, sfx…

If you like 3-4 patches, that’d be great!

Instead of doing just a sound demo, I thought I could share a few ideas about the Digitone so yeah, you’ll have plenty of reading ; )

There’s a link to the sound pack in the video but it’s available here:

It’s “pay as you want” so $0 is totally fine!

Hope you’ll enjoy some patches in there!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!



Lovely sound design and brilliant use of arps for drum patterns, need to explore that more.

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Thank you!

The “arp” is so much more than just that! It’s “a sequencer with arp features” haha. so being able to store arp sequences with a patch is really huge as you’re not limited to a fix continuous 16 steps sequence. I made a few odd metric patches too and some you can shorten or extend to create new rhythms.

Glad if it gives you new ideas!

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Awesome! I definitely want to check this out!

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You sure know how to roll with the DN, awesome work! Love the demo patches you did as well, especially the first one. Very cool! :boom:

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Thank you very much @MarcD, really appreciated!

Demos are a bit “rhythm heavy” but I’m too happy with the chill first demo (it’s the first for a reason haha). Improvised the “Hammered piano” live without quantizing anything so that it keeps this sense of fragileness. It’s good to be off grid too : )


I didn’t take too much time in order to create more musical examples because 90% of the patches come from my past jams so I’ll put a few of them here in case the demos are a bit short:

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Really nice sounds and demo patterns. Thanks for sharing.
I should use the arp more :slightly_smiling_face: never used it for drums

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Thank you @Unifono!

I started using the arp for ratcheting my hi-hats but then I thought why stop there? It’s so convenient to have rhythm templates available right away.
(weirdly enough I didn’t include a very basic hi-hat for that so I added 4 rhythm patches dedicated to ratcheting a basic hi-hat)

You only need a few sound locks to get going, that makes life easier and let other steps free for something else. I sometimes use them as starting points and then will remove the arp and enter the steps in if needed.

Here the kick starts with a four on the floor as the arp is set as 1/16 with 4 steps. Then I modify live the arp sequence length to let the full sequence plays or change it into a 3 steps or 1 step sequence… new rhythms emerge (not everything is a success haha) and it’s so fun to try. I find it harder to do with the “real” sequencer as the arp visual on the screen makes it really easy to see what’s going on.

When you combine all the weird meter templates using different speed with a few sound locks on the same track that can become really crazy really quick and with just a few trigs…

It’s also fun to use the range setting of the arp on some drum sounds as it can create new dynamics (shakers, hi-hats, all type of percussions). I see the Digitone arp as a super powered retrig. A velocity setting, a random option and it would be perfect.

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awkesome used my sound pack for one of his jam and a great jam at that!

I’m really happy the sound pack was a little ingredient in there.
(He’s got great music on his channel btw)