Free Custom Digitakt sample packs : What would you like them to have?

Hello everyone!

First post here , and I’ve been a digitakt/tone owner for about a month now…

I’m going to be creating some custom sample packs specifically formatted for the 'takt, and releasing them on a monthly, possibly bi-monthly schedule (if time permits)

Sources would include my hardware synths (novation peak, digitone, minibrute 2, 0-coast) VST synths I own (think U-he, NI, Sugar-Bytes, Audio Damage, etc) and other programs, and then run through some nice VST effects for taste (tape/comp/eq/)

I’d like to keep them somewhat dry, as to leave it up to everyone to use the delay/reverb inside the digitakt.

So, what would everyone like to see in these, in regards to types of sounds, genres, etc? I’d like to also try layering traditional sounds to see what new things I can come up with

A rough sketch of what one might look like :

5xOne shots
5xPad/tonal sound/loop




The weirder the better.


I could go for some 0-Coast noise, Peak leads, and Digitone bells.

I look forward to checking out whatever you feel like giving, though!

Also this. (Moreso this)

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I love making ambient laden techno and electronica with the DT, what works best for me is found sound and field recording type samples, snippets of pianos, soft vocals, crackle and vinyl pops make for great minimal grooves. I have all the drum hits I need, I want to hear interesting ambient and rhythmical samples, don’t need perfect loops, just give me interesting textures to extract and sculpt sounds and grooves from.


Thanks for all the input everyone! Will get to work on Vol. 1 and will post when ready… Are we able to post download links to this sort of thing on here?

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There are multiple options- you can load the collection as a file in the sandbox or you can link to Dropbox, or if you’re looking to start a site of your own for your collections you could host it there and link to it from here

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I think you can use the “Media” page of this forum to drop your input, it seems appropriate :slight_smile:

Tuned drums with the pitch written out, thanks.


I also have more drum sample than I know what to do with lmao. How about some weird shit, pads, leads, stabs, fx, textures, etc

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Would be interested in any organic-sounding found/ambient drum samples!

Hi everyone

So i basically spent all of yesterday working on this. I kept “weird” as a driving force behind it, although its somewhat taking a style of its own. I’ve done 5 “hit kits” That each have 8 single hits in them, which consist of layered samples of drums, samples, hits, impacts, etc. They’ve turned out pretty unique. I then did a loop folder, of 5 loops, mostly 120bpm but one is 116. Again, weird and quirky was the theme here, some what of an analog dance vibe. I then did a “synth” folder which has 10x bpm labelled synth bits, i guess you could call them pad-like although they are not all that way. They are not long in length but should be useful for grabbing interesting bits. , I have a “bass” folder with 10 bass hits/sequences. Lastly there is a “recordings” folder with some field recordings. Nothing too crazy here.

I think ill do another one or two folders, not sure what. I may do the 0-coast, but i might keep that for its own standalone pack. Perhaps stabs or fx as mpicard suggested.

I’m trying to keep the sounds interesting enough for all of you, and hopefully usable! I figure that these will allow you all to mangle them proper with the digitakt or sampler of your choice! Look forward to hearing feedback as this will be my first sample pack ever…


Ok so it came it a bit larger than i expected (238mb) but I think it has a good amount of material. I would have liked to keep it smaller, but do to less drums/small hits, I’m not surprised its this large. Hopefully thats ok!

Again, This is my first kick at the can doing this (i usually just produce music instead) so go easy on me. I really do want to hear from everyone what their thoughts are though, and what they liked, what they didn’t like.

If there is another pak, I think ill pick a typical theme in order to keep the material within the same area as “weird” is too broad a term :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, here it is! Please read the included readme.txt before beginning!

There are two links, a RAR file and a ZIP file, just in case the ZIP plays havoc on anyone’s anti-virus software…


RAR (93mb) :!rN1jxAbJ!L9ZINJT0i80RpIF_v6TzjpuXlYLWX1bMK6mBa0egRIU

ZIP (131mb) :!2MkFVaja!FdsEJGNb_2MB4-AzG-zdiUxtVH0NBFePj76j6-lZmCE

Please let me know if there are any issues…



Nice pack, Ryan! I especially like the loops, pads, synths and stabs.

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Great! I’m happy to hear there is at least one satisfied user! :sweat_smile:

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