Fragments - For The A4 (iOS)

Fragments is an intelligent controller for Elektron’s Analog 4 (OS 1.40)

  • Intelligent Sound Types (Pad, Drone Keys, PWM, Classic, Bass, Noise, Kick, Snare) let you program Sounds with minimal effort
  • Randomize / Morph / Reset various parameters of the A4 (Tracks, Pages, MFX, Mixer, Modulations)
  • Get the Current Kit from the A4
  • Various sound design functions
  • Mixer to control Track Levels, OSC Shapes, Filters, Mute, Pan & FX Sends
  • Snapshots for install recall of Sounds
  • Save / Load Presets
  • Customizable Keyboard filters notes to the selected Key / Scale, and controls various parameters with vertical finger movement

Will test this out in the morning - thanks Marcos!

Very cool! Does it support MKI?

It should only depend on it being on OS1.35B…I don’t have an MK1 to test, but maybe someone else can chime in.

I will test it tomorrow and let you know, thanks Marcos

Update Out:

  • Added Kick and Snare Patch Types
  • Added All toggle for functions
  • The Keyboard / Parameter Control can now control multiple Tracks
  • Bug fixes

Update Out:

  • Hot fix for a CC bug affecting the Mod Wheel
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Seems handy! Is there any likelihood of a Windows (or better for me) Linux version, maybe?

Good luck with it.

Update Out:

  • Added PWM Patch Type
  • Improved Randomization and Patch Types
  • Added Depth Increase / Decrease function
  • Bug fixes

received my A4mk2 today. Excited. Will keep you posted.

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well, there are a lot of things that don’t respond. Osc2, MFX, nor any of the separate fx seem to do anything or not do what they should… I like the idea though, I like it a lot.
Don’t know if you are taking requests at this point but what would really be awesome is an arpeggiator randomizer. Don’t know if it is possible. But a feature like the OT random LFO-designer would be fantastic.

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It’s fully functional over here. View the help menu to see what settings your A4 needs to have…also, a direct connection from the iPad to the A4 is required as OSX’s Live Routing feature, and many DAWS, will not process NRPN’s correctly.

The Arp does not respond to NRPN / CC’s so I can’t affect that :[

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Weird. I don’t think it’s the connection though. It reacts perfectly to whatever the app is sending. But the app itself doesn’t change values of some parameters. When I set it to random and push the osc2 button for example, nothing happens. Will check further tonight.

If you don’t connect directly to the A4 only some parameters will be updated (ones that aren’t high resolution NRPN’s).

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I connect through an iconnectivity imidi. Shouldn’t filter out anything should it? Also: if I use the app without being connected to the A4, still no changes if I press OSC2. OSC1 works every time…

Ok, I will test it again this weekend and see what’s up

I connect directly: iPad + Apple Adapter -> A4

The OSC2 button works fine here. Are you in Random mode?

Do all other functions work for you? Do you have the right track selected?

Try going directly to USB with no iMIDI just to test.

This looks great @mekohler! Which versions of iOS are supported? My old iPad is running 9.3 :roll_eyes:

You need iOS 10 or higher. The devices which are stuck on iOS 9 are getting pretty old by now :slight_smile:


I think the beta expired, but I will upload a new version / beta on Monday