Fragments - For The A4 (iOS)


Fragments is an intelligent controller for Elektron’s Analog 4!

  • Intelligent Sound Types (Pad, Keys, Bass, Noise) let you program Sounds with minimal effort
  • Randomize / Morph / Reset various parameters of the A4 (Tracks, Pages, MFX, Mixer)
  • Various sound design functions and macros
  • Mixer to control Track Levels, Osc Shapes, Filters, Mute, Pan & FX Sends
  • Snapshots for install recall of Sounds
  • Save / Load Presets
  • Customizable Keyboard filters notes to the selected Key / Scale, and controls various parameters with vertical finger movement

I just started this, so it’s a free open beta:

Note: This relies on a mixture of NRPN’s and CC’s. Some DAWS are bad at handling NRPN’s, so a direct connection is best. Visit the app’s Help Menu for more information


Will test this out in the morning - thanks Marcos!


Very cool! Does it support MKI?


It should only depend on it being on OS1.35B…I don’t have an MK1 to test, but maybe someone else can chime in.


I will test it tomorrow and let you know, thanks Marcos


Update Out:

  • Added Kick and Snare Patch Types
  • Added All toggle for functions
  • The Keyboard / Parameter Control can now control multiple Tracks
  • Bug fixes


Update Out:

  • Hot fix for a CC bug affecting the Mod Wheel


Seems handy! Is there any likelihood of a Windows (or better for me) Linux version, maybe?

Good luck with it.


Update Out:

  • Added PWM Patch Type
  • Improved Randomization and Patch Types
  • Added Depth Increase / Decrease function
  • Bug fixes