FP Sound Packs #8 (Routine) Sound Pack: Digitone / Keys

Curious, @Floppydisk_Pirates, What’s the easiest way you find to manage and fit patches, Overbridge? I’m running out of space and would like to both try out some new ones and trim down ones I don’t think I’ll utilize.

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If I’m running out of space I take my time and go through all banks, listen and mark all patches I would like to get “rid” of and export them via C6 Manager to PC and save them three times (internal and external hard disk and dropbox) and import them again to Digitone to see if they really work as before! Delete again :wink: Then open Transfer Tool and try to manage to have no more gaps between patches.

For a good overview I name a blank patch, for example —routine— and then the sound pack underneath. —end routine— This stoles me two patch slots but it’s worth it!

Anyway, I didn’t see any other option when you running out of space?

This works very good for me because sometimes when I’m doing this, it could happen while hearing patches that I thought I don’t use any more, serve as good starting point for something new. Or running them trough the sequencer have a little fun while tweaking and come up with a new song idea. But this also makes it hard to get rid of patches and make space.

As you can see, I have the same “problem”… :sweat_smile:


Thank you! Even “bad news” is useful from a subject-matter expert so i don’t blame myself for missing something and can become unblocked.

I want things in a certain way, always, hem and haw over space constraints… maybe we should send an email feature request to see if Transfer can-

  1. Rearrange
  2. Trigger a sample note, either through the device audio or computer audio

As a “power user”, what would you love to see with patch management?

Happy to champion your workflow, which will probably improve ours :slight_smile:

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Yes, I don’t think it’s possible to move multiple patches at once. Anyway, I didn’t manage it and in transfer tool I get a warning message that it’s not possible to move multiple files.
So far I’ve moved them all individually, which is actually time-consuming and therefore annoying.

I would love to move multiple files with Transfer Tool just by holding shift or control and mark which I want to move. Would be a great help if it becomes possible with an update in the future!

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I would love to do that within the box.


Both would be great but i think it’s more accurate on pc or mac in transfer tool.

It really bothers me to buy hardware that needs a computer attached to it.

PS: i’m on Linux so every software hardware related is a real PITA since no company develops for Linux. I just passd the third day trying to emulate windows just to manage presets on a Nord Drum, i’m pissed off.


I can understand your frustration. I also like working just with synthesizers, without a second screen or anything else that could distract me. For me the worst and most stressful part is always when a computer comes into play (except Photoshop, this is where i loose myself, almost like working with synth’s).

You probably use Linux for a specific reason and a mac or windows system is probably out of the question?!

Yeah, nothing is perfect. It cost me a lot of hair to accept that :expressionless:

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Indeed, apart from the fact companies rarely release softwares on Linux (at the maximum some devices are Class Compliant like RME with only basic functions enabled), there’s no way i go back to Windows and i would have to sell a kidney to afford a Mac then the other organs to afford proprietary cables, softwares and all.

I really like the Linux philosophy, like a good synth: does one thing but does it well. And the open source has given amazing products, patches, etc. Collaborative instead of just Money grabbing :wink:

I’m bold, i’m immunized against any acceptation. Bold and frustrated i shall stay :rofl:

PS: really nice patches you made on the DN.


I would give my kidney for a schmidt synthesizer but not for a mac. But I joined anyway in the “happy nogear new year” and will buy nothing. I will continue to work with the Digitone and see what else I can tease out of the box.

I’m slowly getting bold too but I can accept that :laughing:

Thank you very much!

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Who needs that kind of gear anyway? No Midi In or Out…

I am completely offset on this one. I usually spend months even years before buying anything and i never bought so much than this month. Post covid symptom i guess :wink: Next thing i buy shall be in 2030 when there will be no more Midi connexions supported.

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For me it was or still is the other way around. I’ve saved as much as i can. For bad times… Apparently also as a result of what is happening. Haven’t heard anything about no more midi in 2030?

I believe it’s just an exaggeration.

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Typically German, have to take everything too precisely and seriously and overlook it when someone makes a joke. :grimacing: :rofl:

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I’ve honestly tried very hard at my work to be clear of speech and try to not assume knowledge with any offhand joke, I’ve never had accidental insult taken but even (especially?) with exaggeration, i need to make sure my jokes land :stuck_out_tongue:

The internet also lacks sarcasm tags…

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I refuse to explain a joke, that goes against my religion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Don’t worry, got it but it took a little longer resp. @thermionic latest post made it clear to me :wink: Translating English with a German brain (mine at least) can cause problems. I wish I were ready to understand everything straight away instead of translating…

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Schmidt synth has no midi in or out? :scream:

No, my kidney :wink:


My website “fpsoundpacks.com” will be down the next days and then for ever. I will close this old site and will look forward to new projects but keep “https://floppydiskpirates.sellfy.store” running for now.

There will be one or two sound packs for Digitone, i made so many patches the last year and i will pick the best of those and put them into packs, but after that i will concentrate on music without any hassle, just for me, learning, composing, producing and enjoying!

I don’t know, maybe you will see me on yt in a year making live home dj set’s or maybe i will just come here from time to time and share some sounds from current hardware and chat with you guys! :slightly_smiling_face: