[FOUNDED] Tasty Chips GR-1


I’m looking for this synth in great shape :wink:

Thank you.

Best regards.

Apparently Rodec or Sherman might actually have the Restyler available new. Some units that they’re keeping by.

You should contact them directly.

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Thank you :wink:

Good luck & please let us know the outcome.

Found a Bastl Thyme.

Stopped looking for Rodec Restyler and took analog heat mk2 instead :slight_smile:

Still looking for GR-1 !

Still looking for a GR-1 and finally found a rodec restyler :star_struck:

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There’s one for sale in fr audiofanzine (not me selling, just letting u know)

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Thank you. I am already in contact with him :wink:

Hi mate,
Still looking for a Gr-1? I have one in perfect condition, I received it on septeber 2018 after a long wait of 9 months since I placed the preorder…i have 2 more granular units and its a bit redundant on my set up…so i might want to sell it…

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still looking for :star_struck:

Gerade bei #eBayKleinanzeigen gefunden. Wie findest du das?

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Thanks but I can’t access to “Kleinanzeigen” :confused:

He sells it for 780€ plus shipping. Would this price be ok for you?

I think it’s a bit too much as Tasty Chips gonna sell directly (without waiting list) very soon :wink:

Still looking for :star_struck:

Found one. Please close.

Thank you