Found sound


Around where I live the weather has been windy and a place where I walk has these cargo trailers this company uses to store donations. As the wind goes through the bottom part I hear these eerie whistles, like a big flute or a giant humming, (badly might I add)
What are some good microphone or field recorders for capturing that sound?

If you want, share a time where you came across a sound that caught your interest.


I live by the coast and use the zoom H1 with a windsock, on a selfie stick.

Works fine for me.

The chassis is plastic, hence the selfie stick.

Less than £100 wav, or mp3. Line in.

For the price there’s not much competition.


I didn’t mention the harsh wind sound muddled the recording from my phone, would something like this filter that out? Is that what the sock is for?


Yep exactly that.

I live close to some run down sea-side towns and there’s nothing around apart from seagulls, junkies and wind and unless it’s a tornado, the sock works a charm.

Like I say, it’s a plastic case so if you hold it too tight you’ll get all sorts of horrid noises, but if you’re savvy and leave it somewhere or on a stick you’ll be golden.

I like to leave it outside on a summers evening, under a plastic dome. It records clearly enough for me and when it rains it picks up every drop.

Obviously there’s much better options for much bigger budgets but for my uses its perfect.


Zoom h6 here…


Roland R-07 with a wind sock. It goes everywhere with me. I’ve caught some great stuff that way.


Oh man, yeah I’ve been doing a lot of sampling over the past few years, which I still haven’t actually edited yet, but one day I’ll make a sample pack.

Basically any kind of interesting drone makes me whip out the recorder. Exhaust fans in bathrooms at bars always seem to have some interesting textures, as do broken PA systems at train stations; between those two, I’ve got dozens of recordings. I also sampled the distant sound of a crane moving, late last year in Sweden, which I’m very keen to edit and use in my tracks!


Yeah that’s really neat, I want to do something similar, like getting my drum machine and an amp and triggering the sounds in this big room where I work, it’s basically a gutted restaurant we use for storage, has some noice acoustics and things to bang on to boot.


I am getting a Sony pcm d10 when they release this month. I would highly recommend. However may be overkill for your needs and costs ££ compared to the other small field recorders. But super high quality


Yes! I’m constantly searching for spaces to use for a project I have in mind with a friend, using minimalist sound design in nanoloop 2 (and a few other synths!) and exploiting acoustics. A bit wanky but that’s when it gets fun :smiley:


There is this street over wide open fields, with one house right next to the street. When there’s cars on the road you can hear them coming from very far away, with the house blocking the sound, depending on where you stand.
Has a very nice ambient sound to it all, with all the stereo movement and the reverberations and the doppler effect and whatnot. Took me several months to get a nice clean recording. During the day there’s too many cars and distracting birds. The birds are silent at night, but then most of the cars are asleep too. Winter seemed to be the right time for recording this.

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I can recommend these Zoom H6 you get it in a Box with 2 Microphones. Very versatile Recorder with an excellent Quallity in Sound Stereo or Mono and a good preamp even for Phantompowerd mics.


I’m having this vision of a person standing on a toilet in a bathroom stall holding their recorder up to the exhaust fan… Don’t slip and fall into the bowl! :laughing:

On a slightly more serious note, I took a trip recently and brought my OT and a Zoom H1N. I only really used the Zoom (spent my time catching up with family), but managed to get a diverse and interesting set of recordings. Creaky stairs in an old house that came out OK, but the gold nugget of the trip came during a community event at a local market that my sister-in-law put together. A young girl brought her violin and started playing some music, and the acoustics were great. Some background noise, but to me, that just helps give a sense of the setting. Events like that remind me that I should bring the recorder out more often. You never know what you’ll run into.


This is good stuff, serendipity?