Forum misbehaving on older iOS

When I sign in on iOS 9, I can’t access any of my user settings or info (top right menu).

Maybe the forum software changed and just doesn’t work any more. I’m hoping it’s a temporary glitch though, just thought I’d mention it.

FWIW: iOS 10.4 and 13.7 are both functional. Maybe 9 and below are affected. Safari

Using Safari or Chrome?

iOS 10 was released 2016. Web technology changes a lot over the time. I think in modern times, you cannot require a webpage support 6 year old renderers.
Web development is around 60% feature development and 40% of the time making sure it runs on all available (and relevant) devices. You need to draw a line and drop support for very rare and very old stuff.


Hmm I suspected as much, maybe it’s time for an upgrade, Elektronauts isn’t the only site I have problems with.

…no worries with ios updates…

Just wondering if one of the mods could pass this info along?

I just realised its not the forum software. OP-forums is running exactly the same software and I can access that no problem :thinking:

Using Safari on iOS 9

How to you know it’s exactly the same software version?

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Well I guess I don’t know for sure but it looks and behaves pretty much the same. If it’s some kind of forum engine, wouldn’t all the sites using it be upgraded at the same time? Ok, I suppose that’s just speculation too :zipper_mouth_face: