For those who record their tracks dry


Whether you’re doing it through Overbridge or the old school way, which (preferably third party) plugins do you apply in your DAW to get that similar sound?

I’ve been toying around with dry multitracking through Overbridge, but no matter which plugin I toy around with, it almost always sounds off, especially the delay. I’m even using the A4 delay cheat sheet, but it’s just weird.


I’ve come pretty close with Ableton’s Echo.
Echo can run stereo or ping-pong, it has filters and distorts when driven hard.
Filters and delay time can be lfo modulated.
So this delay gives me all the tools the A4/AK delay has and can come pretty close soundwise.

Before Echo was introtuced with an update I used mainly Abletons Ping Pong Delay and TAL Dub 3 Vst.

For reverb I usually reach for Valhalla Vintage Verb.
Although I’ll often record the AK’s FX, because I really like how they sound.


i think a4 fx sounds outstanding, great machine.


I’ve given the echo a more thorough workout and am happy to report that it fits much better than some plugins I’ve previously tried out!

Also I was really happy with Valhalla Room, so I decided to get the Vintage Verb too and wow, that’s pretty sweet. With that being said, I am completely tone deaf when it comes to good/bad reverbs so :’)


They absolutely do and I wouldn’t change them for a thing, but I have an album written out on A4/DT and life simply gets in the way of recording each track separately with the effects, so I’m really trying to cut some corners without cutting off too much I guess.


For the delay try soundtoys echoboy, this can do a lot of things and sounds pretty good, and for the reverb substitute i am not so shore there is anything that sounds so good in the plugin world, at least i haven’t find anything. Hope this helps.


The superhall algo on Audio Damage EOS2 gets close enough for me.
Plus the plates are ace for percussion.


Lately I’ve been recording out of individual outs, dry. I use internal effects for writing, but record dry and add em later. The Soundtoys bundle is terrific, I think. Slate offers a third party reverb that’s very nice, but I have others too. I even like some of the stock Logic verbs


My usual reverb, delay and chorus gotos are mostly UAD plugins… EMT reverbs, EP34/Galaxy echo/Precision delay mod, Dimension D or Roland CE for chorus… generous hipass on every aux return

I don’t usually even aim for a 1:1 match - usually I can get a much better fx treatment going ITB due to the sheer amount of various fx at my disposal and the ability to go tweaky with the return busses ( subtractive EQ, compression, sidechain comp, layering etcetc). Having said that, the fx that elektrons have would be totally okay to use as well, all the must-have parameters for basic fx shaping ( predealys on verbs, hpf/lof on everything) are onboard.