For Sale UK / EU: Digitakt

Hello all, I’m selling my Digitakt as I want to try out the Maschine + Jam combo. The Digitakt is in excellent condition, no marks or scrapes anywhere on it. I have the original box it came in also.

Looking for £450, shipping to UK included. If you’re in EU I’d be looking for £470


I had the combo you’re talking about for a while. The issue for me was getting all Maschine’s tracks into ableton. It was just a total mess. Also hated Jams touch strips - useless for any kind of accuracy. That’s when I switched to DT. Just a heads up, I’m sure you’re aware anyway.

I sold the Jam and kept Maschine MK3 just for auditioning kits which I load onto the DT. It’s kind of ridiculous that Elektron now has a solution for getting individual tracks into a DAW, and Maschine doesn’t!

Good luck with the sale.

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Interesting, I want to use it with Cubase, saw a neat feature where you can drag and drop patterns from the software into an audio track to instantly create audio clips, seemed like a nice workflow.

Yes I guess that could work, kind of adds a other stage though. I prefer having it all piped through ableton in real time, which was just incredibly cumbersome.

Also the ‘seamless integration’ with Komplete is non existant with many plugins - can’t access many of the controls you’d obviously want to from the hardware. Very irritating. But the integration with the Maschine software is excellent.

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That’s how I use it. I quickly make loops and then drag them straight into my ableton project. Basically I use it as a vst sound source in ableton, mainly for drums and percussion

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When I’ve tried to drag in loops from maschine it never seems to work

Is it open as a vst? You drag the waveform icon and it goes straight in as an audio loop for me. Sometimes I need to change the BPM of the ableton clip but that’s the only problem I even encounter

Price drop to £450 :slight_smile:

Also gone with Ableton Push instead of Maschine hah.

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