Folding end cheeks


Got my end cheeks yesterday and just fitted them this afternoon. Really nice. Much lighter than I expected. Anyway, got them on my OT and the lid fits nicely on top.

For anyone who’s interested, with cheeks and lid, my OT does still fit into my Elektron bag but only after I remove the internal foam padding of the sides. That shouldn’t be a deal break when you have the end cheeks themselves protecting the unit I guess.

Anyway, if I decide to keep my A4 then I can see myself getting a pair for that too. Nice angle to work at.


Glad you like them J0n35y! :wink:


We now have 5 pairs of the Red/Black swingcheeks in stock! Get em while theyre hot :wink:


Couldn’t agree more with @J0n35y, light & good fit. Got them yesterday and they look like this on the OTMK1. Thanks @Korple!


Nice colour match!


Thanks PomPomOne! They look great on the OTMk1!



Hop, bought one grey pair for my OTmkII.


Cheers qlamerand!

I’ll get those in the post to you in the morning.



Great! I too saw these on FB and commented my support. So happy to see they are in production. Congrats!

Question for you or anyone else who got one for their AR: are the legs sturdy enough that I can still tap the pads without it falling / moving?


@Korple When will these be available again? Would love a pair for a newly acquired analog four :slight_smile:


Beautifull! They can be mounted on a4 mk1 too ?
Never mind, i see on you web that ot fits mk1.



does anyone know the angle formed by these swingcheeks ?



In fact @Korple didn’t realise that it was just the grey ones that have sold out. Any idea when they’ll be available again in that colour? If not will buy red :slight_smile:


Got it today, VERY last pair :grin: it came in quickely, and it is gorgeous, very CyberPunkish :heart_eyes::star_struck:

I got lucky this time around , i hope @Korple will keep on making this end cheeks, so everyone can get a pair, design is great and well made, such a brilliant thing to come up with and to produce. It is an inspiration to me.
And great service too


Hope that @Korple will keep on making them too. It is exactly what I’m looking for and I planned to order one this week …


@korple Hope that you plan on another batch soon. I got your monies sitting right here :slight_smile:


Count me in as well!


Hi Guys,

I finally managed to get round to producing another batch of the Grey units. I have 6 pairs in stock now here:

I’ll be producing some more colours soon!




let us know when you´ll be doing those smexy mk1-fitting red ones again.

by the way, since I´m a sucker for color coordination: grey+red for OG machinedrum maybe? :smiley:


I’m making some more red ones now :wink: