FM Octatrack?

I’m searching and not finding a thread on this… I’m wondering if there has been any talk anywhere about Elektron developing an Octatrack-level FM box.

That would be pretty crazy.


There are tons of threads hoping and speculating on new elektron boxes, but it’s all conjecture. Elektron is generally pretty hush hush until they have something coming out soon.

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That’s not MonoMachine?

They have a habit of using the same chassis for three machines too. So I would suggest another model: is on the cards before any thing else.
The old black boxes are out. The new grey ones are now black.

Anyway. Conjecture.

Or two, or four, depending how you count them :slight_smile:

1: Sidstation
2: MnM mk1, MD mk1
2: MnM mk2, MD mk2
4: OT mk1, AR mk1, A4 mk1, OT mk2
2: A4 mk2, AR mk2
4: DT, DN, AH mk1, AH mk2
2: M:S, M:C

(plus the one-off keyboards, and analog drive)


This is more conjecture, and I’m sure other people follow the rumours here more closely than I do, but I’d be pretty surprised if they released a highly complex digital synth box shortly after Ess left. If he was able to design and work on an instrument like that, I don’t think he would have left to start his own company.

Or maybe it’s as others have suggested in his goodbye thread, and he prefers to work on focused instruments that don’t need to throw in the kitchen sink (aka elektron sequencer).


Can’t merge with other thread, sorry, but please check the official speculation thread bellow :slight_smile:

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