Flex overdub?

Hi guys, been using pickup machines lately but I’ve seen various posts and replies on other threads mentioning being able to overdub on flex machines?

Is this possible? I’ve not managed to find a way but could be missing something?


I could be wrong, but I think what you’re trying to do is record the input you want to sample, plus you need to capture the tracks playback as well.
So you want to set the inputs for the flex to be something like A B + self.

Nope, isn’t possible per se, but you can use pickup machines for overdub and then use a flex machine on that recorder for editing…

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No, it’s possible for sure, done it many times.
You essentially capture the output of the previous recording, plus the overdub simultaneously.

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Yes I’ve done it many times too, even slaved.

If you want to overdub INAB
T1 = Flex playing Recording 1
Timestretch off.
Recording Setup :
Src3 = T1
Rec, done.

Beware after 20 passes with filter on, weird behaviours. Much more passes if you set filter FX to None. Beware with LOFI too.

You can record several tracks, Thru, etc with SRC3 = Cue.

Main problem : Clicks at the beginning. Attack = 1 helps. Best workaround : add hihats!


Nah I understand you can record multiple inputs at once. That’s not overdubbing.

What I mean is the behaviour of pickup machines being able to overdub as the playhead comes back round. I don’t think its possible so I’ll just use pickups. Not a problem.

Cheers guys

So what is overdubbing ?
I added that line :
T1 = Flex playing Recording 1

You can layer records on the same record. Isn’t it overdub ?
That’s the way a looper works for overdub, no ?

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Thats what I thought.

To me this is exactly what we are describing, recording the source, as well as the playhead, all on the same track.

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OK guys thanks for your help, I’ll try it later on.


I think what you’re asking can be done. I think of it as temporary use of pickup on a track.

I have taken samples from the pool into a pickup, overdubbed, then changed the machine on that track to use the slot for flex /static sequencing. Also just gone into pickup from flex just to make an overdub and then back to flex.

It’s kind of satisfying to be adding to the existing waveform rather than introduce whatever gain/eq/fx artefacts you might get when bouncing/combining inputs in the more obvious way. Doing the whole thing using one track.

I haven’t done it much and I don’t have my OT here but I remember it feeling like a minor victory at the time and made a mental note “possible” :slight_smile:

I’ll post the steps i use when j get a chance if it sounds like what you’re looking for?



Yes mate, I’m doing exactly what you are saying. I have Part 1 setup as my ‘creative’ template consisting of pickup machines on the left (1-4) and flex machines on the right (5-8). The flex tracks are playing back the recording buffers of my pickup tracks and i can switch between left and right using the crossfader, ora mixture of the two. I can then find interesting textures and resample.

Ive then got Part 2 setup as my ‘arrangement/performance’ template consisting of flex and static machines where i use those samples to chop, slice, glitch and arrange the track etc as required. Its great for creative purposes and finding happy accidents, and also live improv.

All i was asking was whether it was possible to negate the need for pickup machines altogether and overdub multiple takes directly onto a flex recording buffer. This would mean i can free up a couple of tracks for thru machines (for a vocal mic, guitar etc) etc on Part 1.

Ive not yet found a way to do it without pickup machines, and i think the suggestions above may be getting wires crossed.

Thanks mate


I also use the same pickup machine/flex setup as you @lescour1 , for quick recording and resampling before settling into making arrangements - cool to see someone else arrived at the same idea!
I’ll try this flipping between machines thing tonight @Clancy

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Also mate…yes if you could post the steps that would be great. Im always looking for more techniques

Yeah mate, I’ve found i can get some really organic results and quite unpredictable. Next step is to get fluent enough to live improv something on the fly!

I’ve played a set of arranged flex/static tracks with some live playing over the top on a thru machine, then finished with about ten minutes of just improv pickup machine stuff. Start with a beat and you’re golden!

Hi folks:

Overdubbing on a flex machine is possible and doesn’ t need any pickup machine. Here is a walkthrough:

-Build some loop. I don’ t care what, but keep one track completely free. In this example that will be track 7, but any free track can be set up for doing this.

-Use track 7’ s track recorder to record a full loop of the main outs. You do this by setting src3 to “main”.

At this point, a full loop of your main outs is recorded in track 7’ s record buffer. Nobody is playing it so it just sits there waiting…

-Assign track 7’s flex machine to record buffer 7.

-Mute all your tracks except track 7 and put a trig on the first step of track 7.

You should now hear your main outs, that is :a sample of your main outs playing in track 7.

-Assign a clearly audible effect to track 7. I suggest the lofi or the combfilter.

-Put a trig on the first step of track 7’s RECORDER track.

-Assign src3 of track 7’ s recorder to track 7.

At this point there are 2 trigs: one on the first step of track 7 and another one on it’ s recorder track. This simple trig makes the ot record on track 7’s buffer what is playing on track 7 (which is that same buffer).

-Hit play and start tweaking your effects. You should hear it burnt into the sample the next time it loops.

-While it keeps playing, load a different effect to one of the slots and keep tweaking, endlessly burning those effect tweaks into the sample…

There are many variants to this, but this is a fairly straightforward start.



Thanks merlin, much appreciated mate.

To be honest, for my style i think its simpler to just use pickup machines. i feel i get get more organic results that way. Been having decent success with it.

Many thanks though mate

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I didn’t try this but I think I see how it should work!


Can you use one-shot rec trig combined with flex overdubbing? say (with a pattern chain)

pattern 1 plays a beat
pattern 2 plays the same beat and record from input AB/CD with a one shot rec trig on t1(AB) and t5(CD) (t1/t5 has a trig on step 1 to play back and t2 to t4 read from buffer1 with several trigs on the sequencer to mangle the play back and some effects)

chain starts over

I was able to do this and it works (no idea why when the chain starts over to pattern 1 it plays the recorded sound with all the effects, trigs… that’s a mystery to me)

but now say you want to do:

A1 plays
A2 one shot rec trig
A3 plays (with stuffs recorded from A2)
A4 one shot rec trig (that would overdub what was recorded)

is it possible with Flex?

I didn’t understand the arm/disarm behavior. Reading the manual (or trying to decipher it) led me to believe once a one shot rec trig has been activated it disarms all of them in all the patterns…

Yes, with rec trigs, not one shot rec trigs.
Play another pattern after recording.

Yes, and at track level.


Thanks for your reply!

oh I see! This would be like a one shot rec trig somehow then (the recorded buffer would stop recording at the end of the pattern and the next pattern would read from it)

is it just for one shot rec trig or for all rec trigs?
If that’s just for one shot rec trig then using only rec trigs would solve that.
else I will have to set rec trigs on different tracks and jump between them when sequencing(seems to be prone to user failure and I’m really good at that)